How to update Blender and keep your saved settings/plugins etc?

As the title suggests guys, how do you update Blender while keeping your saved user settings and installed plugins etc?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you want to run multiple blender versions download the zip files option
Each separate blender version number uses its own configuration settings
When you first open a new version number there will be the option on the splash screen to copy your previous settings

In User Preferences / File panel you can set specific locations for custom scripts
You can save settings for a particlar version by creating a config folder in the blender directory

Thanks again for the answer, so do I first uninstall the old version or just install the new version over the top of what I already have installed then opening it copy over my previous settings used on my old version?

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Install the new version on top of the old if you don’t care about the old version. This will not remove the old config files.
Just unzip the new version to its own folder.

Sorry for the late reply, been busy - and yea I got it, thanks for the help mate :slight_smile: