how to update this to latest built!

i cannot add the script here it is too long

but the error is with these function about the wm functions

 def invoke(self, context, event):
#  wm = context.manager
  wm = context.window_manager
  return {'RUNNING_MODAL'}

i corrected the first one but the seond still gives an error

any help apprecaited to correct this error

thanks happy 2.5

you would have found that by doing

['addon_filter', 'addon_search', 'addon_support',  
'animation_data_clear', 'animation_data_create', 
'bl_rna', 'clipboard', 'copy', 'event_timer_add', 
'event_timer_remove', '<b>fileselect_add</b>', 
'invoke_confirm', 'invoke_popup', 'invoke_props_dialog', 
'invoke_props_popup', invoke_search_popup', 
'keyconfigs', 'library', 'modal_handler_add', 'name', 
'operators', 'rna_type', 'tag', 'update_tag', 
'use_fake_user', 'user_clear', 'users', 'windows']

work like a charm

did modify/ update around 10 old scripts since yesterday
and going well
have another 20 to do this weekend !LOL

happy 2.5