How to update to python 3.6?

so i went to “Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender” and replaced the python35.dll with the python36.dll and then went to “…/Blender/2.79/python/bin” and replaced the python35.dll with the python36.dll and also replaced the python.exe

note: i replaced them using the python.exe and python36.dll i have in my python 3.6 package not involving blender

but not i get the error that python35.dll is missing and because of it blender wont run, so i’m asking how to properly change the python version on blender?

It wouldn’t be drag and drop like that. You would have to make changes to blender’s source code and compile it with the newer version of python.

I wouldn’t bother trying to upgrade it if I were you. The foundation itself will eventually make builds that use newest version of python if they aren’t already doing that for blender 2.8. Other DCC packages like maya stick to using python 2.8, so blender already has a reasonably more modern version of python.

Edit: I checked and it looks like the nightly build has a folder named python3.6. You don’t have to manually recompile it; just use the nightly build.

Okay thanks :smiley: