How to upload a .blend or make it not save .blend?

I got Blender yesterday and so far I have managed to create some simple things in it, including a small animation of a cube moving around. I wanted to show this to my friend, but Imageshack/Photobucket do not support .blend files.

What do I do? Even tho I save it under “My Pictures” and in a .jpg, it still will not let me upload them (it will save as “cube.jpg.blend”). Is there a special uploader I have to use or is there a way to save it so that I do not have that .blend at the end?

I’ve checked out a few tutorials, the readme and the Wikipedia book for Blender and haven’t found an answer. If I haven’t been clear, I just want to upload an animation I made in Blender so other people can see it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Uploading a blend file to an image hosting site is nothing to do with blender or how blender works. A blend file is a .blend file, just adding .jpg when you save is just changing the name of your file not the extension. Save the blend and then rename it by removing the .blend extension and replace with a .jpg extension. You will have set in whatever operating system you use to show file extensions.
Note the blend is not an animation format so anyone who wants to view an animation will have to have blender and will have to render your animation all over again.

You can save out an animation, see:
Select a video output format


Thank you! Those links are helpful. I am reading them over right now.

Before getting to those links, I was able to change the file I was saving it as from .JPEG to AVI Raw (its under the “Scene” toolbar, F10 key) and successfully uploaded it using Photoshop.

Here is the link if you’re curious. It’s short and simple.