How to use a font object to display the property?

Hi, I’m new to the Game Engine. Just a question that I thinks is simple to most readers here.

I know a little bit about sensors, controllers, actuators, and properties. Is there any way to dynamically display the property of an object on screen, say using a font/text object? I guess I need to use “property changed” sensors. However, what is the actuator that I need to use to change the content of the font/text object (the counter)?

Thanks a lot.


Hey, sfcheung.

You will need to use bitmapped fonts, which can dynamically present your properties. You can find a very good tutorial on how to do that here:

*edit Heh, made a mistake at first. Thought you posted in the off topic forum.

Great! That’s exactly what I need.

Millions thanks! :slight_smile: