How to use a premade env map?

I want to use a premade environment map image, like the uffizi light probe, to make an object appear shiny. I don’t want to use ray mirror because the scene is simple and there’s not much to reflect, plus environment maps are faster. How would I do it?

You can add it to an object as a texture (type: Env Map) or you can simulate a probe by adding a texture to a World as AngMap.


Fligh %: the env map texture type requires a special image input, and wouldnt work in this case [at least not like it should]

[assuming that you use a mirror ball or angular map probe] try that: add the map as an image texture and use Refl as projection type [the map input tab]… and leave planar mapping on. then set color influence to Cmir [setting the image map to influence the mirror color… in map-to tab].

hope that helps…

My really old program that came with my first script (HDRIBL) could create blender environment maps from hdr images, could still be useful, provided you are able to download it. Of course you could do it directly in Blender too, using a regular image. But otherwise, as @ndy says, simply using it as a reflection map directly could be good enough.

Well, I tried your advice but I still can’t get it to work. When I apply the map as a texture on the material, it kind of looks like a reflection, but when I move the camera and render from a different angle it looks exactly the same. Same thing when I apply it to the World, and I also have to turn on raymir for that. If I can’t find a solution that works, I’d be interested in that program.

but when I move the camera and render from a different angle it looks exactly the same

Is it the “real” button that keeps the world texture map from “moving” with the camera? If not, what/how?

I’m asking 'cause I’d like to keep it “fixed” in relation to the world’s coords, not in rel to the camera’s… didn’t mean to “hijack” this thread, or anything… sorry B Manx2000!

BTW, why don’t you wanna use raymir?

But you’re right, the real button does do what you say, which fixes my problem. I still have to use ray mirror, but I guess this is good enough.