how to use alpha textures

hello all,

i’ve been trying to use some alpha textures where the background is a different color from black, for example green. When i click the alpha button nothing happens, so how could i make the green background become transparent?:eyebrowlift2:

could you please post the texture or blend

If I understand correctly, you want to define a specific color in an image file to be transparent. I don’t know if this is possible in Blender. My suggestion is to use an image processing program like Photoshop or GIMP and select the portions of your image that are the target color and erase them. Then save as a .png file which will preserve the alpha channel.

Then the recipe that I use in Blender is:

  • Game Menu> Blender GLSL Materials
  • Materials>Render pipeline: ZTransp
  • Materials: Alpha = 0
  • Materials>Texture: UV and Flat
  • Materials>Texture>Map To: Col and Alpha
  • Texture>Image: Premul
  • Texture>Map Image: Use Alpha