How to Use Background Image????

I’m tried to model a face and for that I want to use background images for reference similar to this video
In the video there are two images, a front view and a side view of the reference.

I tried to spilt the blender default screen into two and made the left window “front view” and the right window “side view”. I can get one of the reference images to apear in the “front view”, but I can’t get the other reference image to apear in the “side view” window.

I know how to split up the windows, but how do I get an image in “front view” window, and a image in “side view” window???

I hope you understand (a bit hard for me to explain).

New to Blender?
Probably a mix or max user?
Get a new life!
Use only one window, and switch with NumPad 1, 3, 7…easy and fast!
Anyway, if you can’t view the face in Side view, it’s probably because the face is in the “other side” …
If you do Ctrl-NumPAd 3 it should appear…I hope ( and change the UV map)

Check that you are in Orthographic mode. (Toggle between orthographic and perspective view: NumPad-5) Background images don’t show if you are in Perspective mode, or have rotated the view.

No I tried Art Of Illusion and K3D. Never any commercial 3D software :).

And the reason I use to windows is because I use a laptop, and there is no numpad attach to the keyboard. I’m waiting for my new computer with numpad :).

Thanks. Looks like it worked:)