How to use .bgeconf in Game Engine Runtime Export?

I exported my game as “Save as Game Engine Runtime”, but the resulting .exe doesnt use the existing .bgeconf for save data.

Dont know if it matters, i also tried to use a “blank.blend” that starts my game, it also doesnt use the .bgeconf file.

Is there a way to use the bgeconf file?

bge conf is written and read by the save/game actuator. It uses the file it find next to the starting blend.
easy way to discover:

export and save … see where the file is.

But if i save in the .exe of my game, no new bge conf file is created, nor does it use the existing one.

save works, but only in one runtime, if i start the .exe again, the saves are gone

I never used it (other then from some experiments), so I can’t tell how exactly it behaves.

So you say, when you start your game, the .bgeconf gets deleted?

This sounds really strange.

I can’t reproduce this behavior (BGE 2.76). I created a runtime (SaveLoadDemo.blend.exe). It creates a file (“SaveLoadDemo.blend.exe.bgeconf”) right next to the application file on saving (not before).

The file remains there is nothing to save (empty dictionary). In that case the file contains two bytes.

Nevermind, found the bge conf file next to the starting file. Seems i just missed it, thanks anyway!