How to use boolean on OpenVDB Volume?

I am currently visualising some scientific data in blender using OpenVDB volumes, however
it would be really useful to cut into specific parts of the volume to see its internal structure
otherwise, I have to create the VDB volume with the cut already made which takes quite a lot of time and if I want to use a different cut, I have to recreate all the OpenVDB volumes.

In the past I would’ve thought this to be possible with the boolean modifier, however this only seems to work on ‘object’ types, not ‘volume’ types if my understanding is correct.

There appears to be a volume displace modifier that can take certain subvolumes and displace them so a similar thing with removal seems possible I would assume.

Is there anyway to do this that I’ve glossed over, or even if it’s not a feature to contribute and build it.

You could try this:

This is a modeling tool. A bit a different thing.