How to use camera to control direction while moving?

Hello. I have a current setup whereby the camera can pan 360 around the character when stationary, but how can I make it so that forward movement snaps towards the direction of the camera? I.e. you can use the mouse to turn while in motion. Is there a way to achieve this via logic bricks? Thanks.

If I understand you correctly, you want to have a camera view around the player and when you press the forward key, the character turns in the direction where the camera is looking and makes a movement - you are unlikely to get such an action through logic blocks, but you can get it through a python script
own = cont.owner #collider player
point = own.children[‘empty_player_camera’]
keyW = cont.sensors[‘keyW’]
if keyW.positive:
own.worldOrientation.z = point.worldOrientation.z
own.linearVelocity[1] = -5.0 #if face movement axis -Y
this works in such a way that wherever you look with the camera - at the beginning of the movement, the script will rotate the player’s collider along the Z axis towards the direction of the camera and the collider movement will begin, logic blocks have many limitations for creating games - python is what will give you limitless solutions to your problems - just start using it and you will see that it is not difficult at all and gives you full control over your project

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