How to use collision sensors to create car crashes?


can somebody explain the setup needed to deform a car’s body in blender? I’ve heard it uses collision sensors, but I am not sure how to set them up. For instance, if I have the front portion of a car colliding with a wall, then I want the hood and bumper to get damaged. This probably needs to have the hood and bumper as seperate objects parented to the car body. And I guess that these seperate pieces each need a set of collision sensors, right?


1)Use a shapekey for the destruction.
2)You not need separate the car, use cubes for detect collision.
2)Use collision for detect the collision, when the sensors is activated, activated.

Wait a moment, the other time I got a slightly more advanced way, let me look. Sorry english.

The advanced way mentioned, use a script and a sensor ray, when the vehicle collides, depending on the speed, adds to a property one number, and you can use this number for the action actuator type property, I’m still searching.

Thanks for the link!