How to use consecutive blends in ge?

sorry if this has been discussed previously…

How can you set up the .exe to use consectutive .blends instead of just one.

Or just use different .blends in no certain order based on whatever is chosen by the player?

can that be done?
thanks very much…

Not really answering the question but why not use scenes???

if I’m not mistaken (which I could well be) the game actuator allows you to load a different blend file. or maybe it’s just for exe’s, in which case it wouldn’t be that helpful…

Under the Game —> “start new game” actuator there is a place to start a new file. I’ve never tried it before, but now I’m going to.

I don’t know if people know this, but you can also use Blenderplayer with .exe’s. I’ve never noticed any problems using it like this. It could be used to protect your files, methinks.

Just use the Game actuator to load the file you want. Note that if you access the .exe via a shortcut, you’ll need to set the shortcut’s Start In option to the directory where the other .blends are.

If you want the player to be able to select a specific level or game from a list of options, use a Python script to fill in the value of the text box on the Game Actuator depending on what option the user selects.

OHHH crap, i did it again, cant see whats right in front of me. LOL… I looked at the game actuator and just thought the options were for that game…didnt even see the File:… input below it…

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thats funny, thanks for posting it.