How to use curves without mesh deformation?

I’m trying to make a vault door like this one and I’m trying to save myself from a hassle by making one small wedge part of it and using the array modifier combined with the curve modifier to form the rest of the door. Seemed like a simple enough idea to do, however I’m stuck as I don’t know how to get the curve modifier to making my model go from this:

to this


I wouldnt use a curve for this. You get far better results when using the spin tool or use the array modifier with an empty as offset.

you don’t need a curve modifier at all. instead, create an empty and use it for the object offset in the array modifier. turn off relative offset. then rotate the empty. be sure to turn on the “merge” setting and the “first and last” setting to avoid duplicate verts.

I suggest you forget the curve modifier. Instead, poly model one wedge and then use the Spin tool to create the door. Don’t forget to use remove doubles afterward.

[edit] Ha ha, a consensus!

Awesome! Thank you.