How to use custom property in animation? Can give some example?

Hi guys! Im totally blind in using custom properties. How to use it and please give me some example in simple animation…What i watched last time, in advanced rigging. Custom properties is often used.Please your help :slight_smile:

Thanks atom… :)But could you give me other example which does not use addon… ? If you dont mind, could you give me some link to learn custom properties in beginner level… ?Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s isn’t much to say about them…

Hm…A bit complicated… But thanks guys (y)… I would try these :slight_smile:

As simple as it gets.

my_ob["my_property"] = 10

that’s an ID property, they are specific to the object you assign them to. If you register a bpy.props.* property to a certain type, all instances of that type will get that property (initialized with the given default value). So there’s a difference and you need to decide what you need / want.