How to use Duplifaces?

Hey I am following a tutorial for building a greek temple from CG cookie and I have hit a road block that I can’t seem to get past. The guy is using something called duplifaces to have each individual tile on the roof. How do you do that?
This is what I am doing ----

  1. I parented the roof to the tile
  2. Ctrl-A - apply location
  3. In the object tab for the roof I selected faces on the roof’s duplication menu
  4. I subdivided the roof and nothing seemed to happen.

Help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Post the .blend file please.

Select the roof and in the ‘Object’ tab (yellow block on the right menu) scroll down to duplication and select faces (It should give the options to select None,Frames,Verts,Faces and Group)

Also you need to parent the small object to the roof,not the other way around.

Ensure the tile origin is in the same location as the roof origin

Dupliface adds a duplicate to each face. You will therefore have to subdivide the roof to give you the number of tiles you want. It will also add tiles to the faces on the edge of the roof and any faces below the roof.

Okay so the cubes object origin is the same as the roofs. I think I have the right parenting relationship (thanks DCBloodHound) I subsivided but it’s still looking weird. How is Blender deciding what the tiles look like? Is it squishing the cube or using one side?

You need to apply location,rotation and scale for the tile.

Duplifaces are very very sensitive to mesh changes,i had a hard time figuring them out when i was trying to make some tank tracks.

Like Richard said,it will add a duplicate of the item on every face of the mesh.Therefore you should create a new mesh you can overlay on the roof purely for the tiles.I would give an example but i don’t have access to blender atm.

Take a look here,see in rendered mode that the original tile and parented plane disappear in render mode.This is why you need to use a separate parent mesh for the tiles.


Dupli.blend (494 KB)

okay I think I got it. I think my main problem was how I was the order in which I was doing the steps. But just to make sure I understand, you have to parent the tile mesh to the roof,

go into the object data of the roof and enable faces for duplication,

apply location rotation and scale to to tile with Ctrl a,

then subdivide the roof?

By the way, I also changed the shape of the cube so it would look neater.

EDIT: When I try to render this monster blender keeps crashing. What can I do to make blender not crash?

Wouldn’t a array modifier be better!

Sometimes, but sometimes no, dupliverts are working on an instance basis… so that one copy of the geo is copied into ram, and then it references it for each time is duplicated.

array modifiers… generate mesh… which means that if you have 100 duplicate versions of the same tile… it will take up 100 times the amount of space.

very important to know the difference when dealing with complex scenes on the gpu.

Loop cuts work better then subdivide,press ctrl-R on the mesh and then type in the number of loopcuts you want on numpad.You can always press ctrl-Z to go back and adjust the number of loop cuts again until you have the perfect spacing and number of tiles.

A general rule with dupliframes is to do scaling and rotation of the mesh in edit mode so you don’t have to apply scaling,rotation and location.Also do not extrude the parent mesh because it changes the rotation of the dupli item that’s going to be on the new face.