How to use effects in blender

Hello. I understand that you probably get this a lot, but… I’d like to know - is there some kind of plugin you can use to add effects in blender? I see people make all these videos that combine blender and regular AVI’s to make a vide with nice effects. I’d like to know how to do it. I did take a tutorial, but it was not good at all and did not work.

Please help!


Never used it, but take a look at the Video Sequencer.
Anyway, you should be more precise and perhaps post some link or screen shot about the effects you’re looking at…
Did you already try the Node Editor?
You can play with it up to get a lot of nice fx, but for animated clips have a look at the video sequencer.

I know about the video sequencer. I’m more asking for a good tutorial or two, mostly. But I just want to add effects to video clips without using a green screen.

There are a number of downloadable plugins for the VSE (apart from the built-ins). Some of these have tutorial links and others have explanatory notes. If you’re looking for advanced editing effects, I find an external program i.e. “after effects”, “fusion” etc. will give you a far broader array of effects. With apologies, some of the plugins are very basic.

I mean, how do I mix blender video and actual video together without using a greenscreen.

That would be called “compositing”, I believe.:wink:

You can add a clip of Blender animation or a scene of blender animation from within the current project. You would place it over a video clip you have imported onto the VSE timeline. Then use a key effect over that to composite the two together.