How to use FTBlender to render bitmap fonts.

Before reading:

  • I posted this in resourses because of FTblender.
  • If you don’t know how to make dynamic text in the blender game engine you should see this video (not by me):
  • This is also a concentration of all the information that is relevant to “how to use ftblender” on this forum. :spin:

You will need:

1: Unpack FTBlender.You will see 3 files: ftblender (the program), BlackCastleMF.ttf (font for the tutorial) and To use another font: put your ttf font file in the FTBlender folder.

2: Open “” with python 2.5 .I assume you know how to do this.

3: A window with a preview of the .tga file should pop up.

By pressing “F1” you can see all the option available. By Pressing “F2” you will save the preview (as a .tga).

5: Press “F2”… Congratulation! You can use this picture in your games.

PS:forgive my bad english.

Thanks dberube,

as additional information:

  • You can use .png too. It is much smaller and uses looseless compression
  • Do not use .jpg/.jpeg it destroyes the font information

I cannot even get the FTBlender to down load? It says I can’t open the file.

I added a Zip archive, if you can’t open the rar, try it.

No window pops up? I am really having fits with this thing!