How-to use hand-made bitmap font

I have designed a hand made bitmap font and I want to use it in the game engine.
I have saved my font as a standard TGA file.
The problem is that blender need a special TGA file for font, that contains several header lines, that (I suppose) describe the size (and maybe the position) of the font characters in the picture.

I have tried to use the header lines from the default arial font found on the web, but the character sizes do not match exactly with my font and the result is ugly.

What is the format of those header lines?
(I will probably generate them through C code).


I just used an existing font bitmap and replaced the characters with my own version. The font bitmap can be generated out of an real font with a python script. I can’t remember the name.

Maybe this helps

Monster, this is roughly what I have done but as my characters does not have the same width as the characters of the initial image, the result is not nice (the space between characters are not always the same, and some characters are vertically displaced).

Maybe I should have a look in Blender source code to see own the first lines of the TGA file are used for font…

you can convert your font ( well, TT ones I guess) to TGA fonts with FTBlender!
Blendenzo explains how:

Here is a nice how to make a ttf font tut.