How to use/install Pyserial to work in blender?


I am trying to control my servo motors for my robotic arm. And I saw that you can control them throo blender to arduino. And I guess you need to install pyserial.

I am a bit new to python, so I am realy confused how am I suposed to install pyserial. I looked at other sites, but they are (I think) all outdated.

I also went po the pyserial support site, but just don’t understand how. I guess some things are more understandable to some, than others.

Can some one help me?

ok, I deleted the python folder under C:/program files/blender foundation/blender/2.77/python. I installed the python 3.5.1 on C:/python35.

then I downloaded form “” version “pyserial-3.1.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl”

Then I went to cmd and wrote “pip install pyserial-3.1.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl” and I guess it instaled it?
I then went to “C:/Python35/lib/site-package” directory and I found the “pyserial-3.1.1.dist-info”

I am not shure what to do next… Did I do something wrong?

The whole modularity of python on platforms is dependent on the operating system and since you are trying to install a module from a standard distro( iffy at best ) is too non descript with all the dependency hell of windows(I assume your attempting). You should focus on either just getting a linked python with blender that you built from source or provided you have the include files that came with your python library getting the linked librarys in that modules dependency(pyserial library) the same as the python version's in the manifest file(MSVCRT speciffically, most ship with one and I hate that) and then compile the module for the python your using in blender, see visual c++ express (free from msdn, forget anything that says IDE), its like 26megs of binaries like cl.exe, link.exe and indeed it's own msvcrt.dll which you must add to the %PATH% variable before you can run them(hahahaha... thanks windows). alternatively see if you have win32 api python module since CreateFile is the function that is required to open the usb device, which is all you need to talk to your arduino but alternatively I suggest you look at my website for send forcefeedback(two motors with weights on them so they vibrate) commands to an xbox controller thats much simplier. you will be able to use the command's  from blender only if you get access to CreateFile function from a module.