How to use “Landscape Eroder” on non-procedural landscape?

I recently discovered the A.N.T. Landscape add-on and find the additional „Landscape Eroder“ tool very helpful to create a realistic impression.

Now I’m using an imported image to create a non-procedural landscape with the displacement modifier. To add some realistic details I want to use the „Landscape Eroder" on that mesh as well. But when I go to Weight Paint mode I can’t find the option.

So is there another way to use the „Landscape Eroder“ on a non-procedural landscape? Or is there another add-on for that reason?

It’s probably way too late for this answer, but I happened to see your post while looking for something else.

It’s a bit tricky to do this with the built-in ANT, but I’ve made a parallel fork of called txa_ant which might be able to help. Here’s a link to the BA thread about it.

You can generate a landscape with the same texture resolution as your custom height map, change the name (or delete) the generated heightmap (typically ant01_heightmap) and rename your image to replace it (ie ant01_heightmap). Then run the 'Landscape Eroder in the TXA section of the right hand panel to perform the erosion and provide a texture.

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