How to use Make Human rig for my own model?

Is it possible after exporting Make Human model with a rig maybe somehow to clear parent and than take only rig and reposition it so it will match my character and than parent this rig to my character. If its possible, how? Please step by step since i am still new to rigging. Thank you!

Yes it is , but why would you want to do this when you can just add a Rigify rig in Blender?

However if you do - just import the character and rig into Blender as you have already done. Either duplicate the rig in Object mode, or delete the character that came with the rig. If you want to move, rotate or scale the rig - DO IT IN EDIT MODE by moving the bones, not in Object mode or you will have to apply rotations/scales/locations if you want it to work properly.

You don’t parent a rig to a mesh - you parent a mesh to a rig - so select the MESH first- then SHIFT+Select the rig, then key CTRP+P and chose “With Automatic Weights”.

You can then go to Pose mode and pose the rig, which will pose the character.

Cheers, Clock.

Thank you, @clockmender