How to use old plugin scripts in 2.62?

I’ve got a new computer that hasn’t had Blender on it before.
I installed Blender 2.62 with no problems.

I have an old python exporter that has worked with earlier versions of Blender, but can’t figure out how to get it loaded in version 2.62. There was no scripts folder in the installation.

After Googling for solutions I opened the user preferences window, selected the add-on tab, and found the install add-on button. I selected the .py script file and clicked the “install add-on” button. This seemed to work fine. Looking through the instalation directory there is now a scripts folder and an addons folder, the .py file is in the addon folder.

However, the script isn’t listed in the script list of the addon tab of the user preferences page. And the exporter is not available in the export menu.

I need to have this old script, am I going to have to go back to Blender version 2.5 ?

First of all got to version 2.63 (new splash screen!) and tell us WHICH addon.
If it is in 2.62 it will probably be in 2.63 too if not there may be some (small) changes necessary …

Very few scripts are backwards compatible. The API keeps changing upon nearly every release.

Imagine a world where one coder decides to break the efforts of an entire world simply by renaming and rearranging things to fit his whim. Is this a tag line for a new movie or are we living it?