How to use photoshop painted textures

I’m trying make a piebald horse - managed fine in 3ds with the same mesh but I’m obviousoly missing something when it comes to Blender…2.9
I export the UV’s and open them in P/S, paint something and do the quick export to png…and then I open them in the image editor and add the image node and nothing shows up. Should I perhaps be importing into P/S and again importing back into Blender - got a bit confused with the export from Blender and the export from P/

I’m a bit stuck here as most of the project needs to use this…

It has nothing to do with importing/exporting between Blender and PS. I see you already have your model UV un-wrapped, all that’s left to do is to assign the image texture to your model.
From the picture above we don’t see the node setup for the material, which is the key part
It is as simple as this:

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