how to use poles in armature?

I have problem with skinning part of blender.I have created basic model in blender and i did rigging and skinning both.I have added iks, poles to leg of that model but if i move foot bone of the model it’s torso rotates.And also some how the foot and leg rig got to link it again?Could you please,help me to solve this:eek:

Hello jyo.

You have to specify the chain length for the “IK Solver” contraint. This value has to be the count of bones that are controlled by the IK Solver. If you don’t do that, the entire bone chain is controlled by the ik solver. For one leg you have (generally) two bones, so the value is 2.

I don’t understand your second question. Can you give us more details about the object and aramture ralationship. How is the setup?

Do you mean the foot bones are not glued to the leg bones? If yes, than you have to set a copy location contraint for the leg or foot. But this we can solve only when we know your armature and character setup.

A screen shot and more details would be good.

Rigging is a complex business and there are a lot of in deep tutotrials about this. Have you followed one or two of them? That was the way I have learned rigging in Blender, and I am still no pro in this.

thanks a lot ,i did the same thing that you told and it is working:)

Nice, that I could help.