How to use proxy objects


I am trying to make a script to automatically model a hexapod mechanism. It consists of 6 identical actuators connected to a single platform. The thing is I want to create the animation using very simple models of the actuators and then replacing them in one go by an acurate model from an external file (which will be re-used 6 times in the animation).

I tried linking of an external object (SHIFT-F1), but this does not allow the linked object to be moved, rotated or even duplicated.

So, how can I make use of proxy objects (similar to how 3D-Studio Max handles them)?

Thanks for your ideas.


Just replace the Mesh data (ME:Xxxx.001 [look in F9]) of the dummy object with the Mesh of the “accurate model” object.


Thanks! This is what I was looking for.

here is a summary of what I do:

  1. In my scene file scene.blend I compose an animated scene using simple cube objects.

  2. Then I load the detailed meshes (SHIFT-F1) from an external file and make sure the meshes are linked.

  3. Then I select the simple object I want to have replaced and in the Edit panel (F9) I select ME:ComplexMesh.001 (which is the name of my complex mesh I just linked).

Now whenever I change the blend-file containing the complex mesh, the complete scene will be updated.