how to use relative ipos?

so, say i’ve got a bunch of cubes the finally form a shape and i want to multiply these cubes and use them in some other part of the project(trying to form a letter)
basically i need the relative ipos(rot,loc,scale) for the cubes instead of global

haven’t really found anything usefull on the interwebz, any ideas?

thnx all:)

I think relative IPOs would be considered actions. Then you can stretch, loop and cross fade them.

I’m not sure I understand your question completely, but the dLoc, dRot, and dScale IPOs hold keys for relative location, rotation, and scale (d for delta).

Edit: Here’s a wiki page on IPO curve types.

first of all thnx, what i was thinking is this

say i got a cube, set iLocRotScale at frame 1, go to frame 11 and rotate him 45degrees and set the iLocRotScale ipos
just that, i want to multiply this cube and move him anywhere on the scene and do the same stuff without returning to the original place on the scene

basically i need him to rotate,move and scale on it’s relative axis

In general you have 2 options:
1. Parent the object to an Empty and divide different animations between both (for example animate object rotation and animate Empty’s translation).
2. You can Copy the IPO curve from global parameters (for example RotX) to local ones (for example dRotX)(look for the orange buttons with arrows on them!). For this to work you have to create some key for dRotX (by Ctrl+click somwhere inside the window with dRotX channel selected). Then Paste from the buffer the IPO curve that you copied from RotX. Finaly you have to delete the IPO curve in the RotX channel

  • it’s difficult to explain with a few words, but it’s very simple and fast when you understand it.

thnx, i got this video tut from greybeard, explained all is well with my brain:D