How to use rigify in the blender game engine?

I have a model with a basic keyboard driven action I want to use, a run cycle animated with a rigify rig, but I can’t get it to work. The model is parented to the rig in the object tab and works fine in normal 3d view but when running the game engine it stays in the X pose. The action is being applied to the rig, as I can make the model move if I parent it to a single bone but it doesn’t recognize the rig as an armature.

I guess I need to bake it somehow so the constraint actions and etc get applied to the bones the game engine will recognize as an armature (Tried another experiment with a simple meta rig and it worked fine.)

Any pointers? I’ve found references to unity rigify converters but I just want to use it inside blender itself…

there could be a dozen different answers for the animation not playing, the best way to get the correct answer is to post your .blend so we can check it out ourselves.

Yeah I tried another model and it just worked fine, bit of a puzzler there. The blend I can’t get to work is this one

I just added a key press controller to activate the run action and it doesn’t work, but as I said I’ve just tried it with another different model I had laying around and it worked just fine, with the blenrig controls, no need to parent the mesh to the rig or anything… :slight_smile:

Oh well, every day is a discovery :slight_smile: