How to use sound in blender 2.34


I’ve difficult to use sound and to produce sound in blender and i’d like to know how can i do it, i wanna also to know if blender can support others format such as mid… More about body modelisation, insert armature and how to move. More about the radiosity because the blender user it’s not so clear that’s why i need more explanations about radiosity.

For general information the documentation is the best place to start looking for information about certain features:

If you still have questions, please be a bit more specific and we’ll try our best to help you.

Press shift+F8 while the mouse cursor is in the buttons panel to get too to the sequence editor. From here press Shift+A and select audio, then choose a compatible audio format to add. Once it’s added you can move it aroung and add more sounds to the timeline.

The disadvantage to this, however, is that you can’t render an animation from blender with the sound included. You have to export the sound and animation seperately and then combine them together in a video editing program later on.