How to use stide bone with a four legged creature.

When I tried to make my four legged model walk along a path I get so much foot slippage especially with the feet in the back. Any suggestions?

Reduce the stride…

For each of the rear feet, reduce the distance between their forward-most position and their hind-most position in the walk cycle. Do the same for the front feet, but reduce the magnitude of change.

Are you saying pretty much slow down the speed along the path?

Rereading your original post, I think I made the assumption that the feet were moving faster or further than they should for the ground covered, as if the creature was trying to run fast on ice but slipping a lot. I realize now that your post could also be interpreted the other way, in that the creature was moving too fast and the feet were moving too slowly.

Either way, you will want to ensure that the stride of the front feet and the stride of the rear feet match each other exactly. Then you can either tweak the speed of the creature over the ground to match the stride length/pace, or you can modify your animation to increase or decrease the stride length/pace to match the speed of the creature.

Your call…