How to use textures from texture tab with material shading

I found a book of an older version of blender to learn from. We are suppose to make texture in the texture tab and apply it later on the object. But many features are not available in the latest versions of blender.
Can anyone explain how to approach this thing.

Secondly, how do we use a texture, for example cloud texture from texture tab, as input to any node group for shading.

due to some reasons, i am unable to upload pic, so i am copying the text from the book here.

Let’s add an initial material to our rock mesh. To do so make sure the object is selected.

  1. Click the + button in the materials panel to create a new material and name it Sea-
  2. Se
    t Diffuse color to R to 0.237, G to 0.234, and B to 0.205.
  3. Se
    t the Specular type to Wardiso, with Intensity set to 0.014 and Slope to 0.400.
  4. All o
    ther settings in the materials panel can stay at their default values.
    Now, let’s create some textures to define our sea rock surface.
  5. Switch to the Texture panel and create a new texture of Type Clouds and name
    it cloud.
  6. In the Clouds settings, ensure that Grayscale and Soft are selected as well as
    Basis of type Improved Perlin, Size of 0.60, and Depth of 5.
  7. U
    nder Colors set Adjust/Brightness to 1.000, and Contrast to 3.500.
  8. U
    nder Mapping set Size X to 1.00, Y to 2.00, and Z to 0.30.
    For the moment we will not use this texture to add any color, bump, or specular changes to
    our material. We will, however, use it to modify the shape of our rocks via the Modifiers panel.
    To use this ensure that your mesh has been set to Smooth shading and that you have a
    Subdivision Surface modifier already in the stack. The settings for this can be quite small at 2
    Subdivision levels for View or Render.
  9. Switch to the Modifiers panel and add a new modifier of type Displace.
  10. U
    nder Texture, click the checker icon and you should see your cloud texture as a
    selection. Select it and under Strength set the value to 0.100.

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