How to use the Free Blender Video Editor like After Effects with Hotkeys and VSE Tools

Make Blender VSE sexy again? Well, it never was that great, let’s start by improving it with an addon that hopefully get integrated into the main blender branch as default functionality…
I think I did not mention it for all actions in the video, make sure that the mouse pointer is over the preview window when pressing the mentioned hotkeys, the sequencer for example has different hotkeys.

Zeograd’s VSE Tools addon:

Blender supported video formats:

thanks tinwotin for pointing me to the addon in the first place and of course thank you zeograd for making it. and hopefully matisse adds all the improvements he is planning :slight_smile:

This Tutorial was put together with blender of course and audacity (an old version, newest version is spyware). Sorry for the bit clickbaity title, even the addon makes blender VSE usable but not really sexy…

All this info is available for free, but if you want to support me, I have a patreon ( ) where you can get some otherwise unavailable blender resources on top of your support.

Or you can buy some artworks and animations as NFTs for really little money (as of writing this, maybe they will be worth more in the future…), all these animations in this collage video are for sale:

All social links for all services you need can be found here (I post more stuff on instagram for example)

0:00 01 /// Intro / What is this about
1:10 02 /// Setup Blender for Video Editing
1:47 03 /// Install the VSE Tools Addon
2:19 04 /// Grab Scale Rotate video strips with hotkeys (G / S / R)
3:49 05 /// Crop your Video with the mouse (C)
4:25 06 /// Opacity hotkey (Q)
5:04 07 /// Select a Videostrip in the Preview Window (RMB)
5:19 08 /// Easy Keyframing (I)
7:29 09 /// Bonus Chapter /// Using Blendmodes for beautiful mix colors

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just wanted to note that most of this works out of the box in the blender 3.0.0 VSE.
Maybe blender devs even saw this and realized that it’s about time to add it :slight_smile:

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