How to use the new UPBGE 0.2.5 render attachments system?

I’m making a game on UPBGE 0.2.5 and I wanted to make my game more beautiful. so I wanted to put brightness on monitor lamps and other things that transmit light, and not making a floor that shines just because it’s white, it doesn’t make any feeling.

Until today I haven’t found any video, no forum, no website talking about how the new attachments system works.

Maybe my English isn’t good at all.
I am writing in my native language and translating into English.

attachment buffers are defined at the bottom of the render tab

using ‘custom’ means a GLSL nodegraph can output into this buffer

check ‘UPBGE BLOOM’ thread

For the result you want to achieve, a bloom filter with mipmap enabled and HDR color depth is enough. i supose you already have one.
go under Render panel > System > HDR: half,
enable mipmaping in the filter logic brick,
set the RGB values of the monitor lamps material to be higher than 1.0 (white).

this way the monitors will shine but the white floor don’t.

In this example i use a version of @HG1 's multipass bloom filter. (and @BluePrintRandom 's )
but i solved the color issues he mentioned, by remove the redundant color management functions that was messing with the RGBs.

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can you post a copy?

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eevee_like_Bloom.blend (127.6 KB)

do you think you can apply this to the temporal version as well?
(to give out a example for a attachment*)

There is a small problem with the filter, the problem is that when you have a monitor transmitting an image it will not have the brightness.

he is saying he needs to bloom the render to texture I think*

I did not understand

Yes, i did it. But the new attachments system was not needed.There is another topic about this:
what are render attachments exactly?

You only need to use the HDR workflow.
the filter has to use mipmaps to blur the brightness. And you have to set the texture’s blend mode to ‘add’ or ‘screen’, make the difuse of the ‘monitor’ material black and increase the (render to) texture color influence to more than1.0