How to use the Node Wrangler shader viewer node

I’ve enabled Node Wrangler in preferences.

I have an Eevee shader setup. I CTRL-SHIFT-LMB click to get a Viewer node, which I’ve connected to output of another node (I had a UV map -> vector mapping -> checker texture -> color ramp, and the color ramp was connected to the viewer node).

Everything I’ve read suggests that I should be able to see a “Viewer Node” in the Image Editor (in the dropdown that also includes “Render Result”), but I do not see it there. I can’t for the life of me figure out where to see the image that comes out of this viewer node, other than by mapping it on to a 3d object, in which case the viewer node is no different from an emission node.

How do you see the output of the viewer node? Note that this is in the shader editor, not the compositor, and I do have Node Wrangler enabled.

the viewer node allows you to see the result in the 3D view, as if it was seen through an Emission node, it is made to see what the selected node gives, once you’re glad, select the last node of your node chain and ctrl shift left click to bring it back

Oh… I was misunderstanding what the node was for. So it really is just an easily-swappable emission node.

What was looking for was a way to preview the image that a subset of the texture nodes had generated so far. This is what you get in Cycles if you hook up an emission node and bake the texture to an image, but unless I’ve missed it, there’s no way to bake textures in Eevee. Is there some way to do what I’m looking for?

could you please give a concrete example?