How to use the same display layouts in all projects?

How do I keep my displays (custom window layouts) for all projects. And not only for the specific project?

For I had published 10 different types.
But they only pararecem the project I had created.

Set up the window layouts as you want, then for blender 2.49 use Ctrl+U to save as your default. When you open a previous blend make sure you unselect ‘Load UI’ so it doesn’t load the UI that is in the blend.
For blender 2.5, save your defaults in the User Preferences window. You can select not to load the blend files UI by default in the user preferences.


Thanks for the answer Richard.
Well I did used the Save as default. And when I open Blender he show up all layouts saved. Is working.
But, have a way to when I open other diferent project he shows me the layouts that I saved in default project?

To keep your new layout when opening old files make sure to turn off ‘Load UI’ in the file open screen

That’s it!
Works here, I weren’t finding this button. Thx Richard.

I Have Some Problems with preference. I Just add a “Set Origin” button to the tool shelf panel and go to File -> User preference and save this as my default setting. But when I Open blender next time the “set origin” button disappear. How can i solve this problem ??

You can’t directly. These custom buttons are no yet saved.
I expect the only way would be for you to write some kind of python script to create a custom panel.

Oh !!!.