How to use the same image texture node twice but edit it once?

Hey guys,

I’d like to be able to use the same image texture node multiple times in a shader, each time changing the scale but edit it only once (great if it can be done in a Node Group!). Is there anyway to do this? Here’s a picture showing what I’m trying to do. Thanks!

What do you mean by “edit it”?

If you mean edit it in texture paint mode or image editing app, then both texture nodes should update with any changes since they’re both referencing the same texture. But I suspect that’s not quite what you mean.

It sounds to me like you want input sockets for vector scaling, to which you can route inputs from a node group. Replace your Vector Mapping node with this group (I call it “Vector Scale” in my projects.)

Great! Thanks :grinning:

Is it possible for a texture image file to be an input in a node group?

Yes but you’ll need to use a node that has an input for color data (any yellow socket) to create a color input for the node group. In this image I’m using a throwaway Bright/Contrast node just to create the color input for the group.


Actually, the vector multiply does a great job of scaling, BUT it only affects a single texture image. I need to add a second texture image (with the same texture path) to get a different scaling.

Is there a way to apply DIFFERENT scalings to the same texture? I want 1 scaling for the Base Color and a different scaling (of the same image) for the Roughness.

If you put the Image Texture node in a group, you only have to change its image file once. The group can be duplicated as many times as you want, but the inside of it will be the same. Only parameters changed by the group input (Vector in this case) will be unique per group instance. Meaning you can use the same image at two different scales, as shown in the background.

That’s perfect! Thanks. I suppose there’s no way to “expose” the OPEN button inside the group…