How to use the Sculpt Tool

Hi all Blender Users.

Please can someone help me please.

I have downloaded a tool for blender called “Sculpt” i downloaded it from the Blender site Called “Graphic All”.

It seems to be compiled as an .exe file. There is no documents of how to use it with Blender.

At first sight the file has the blender icon as with the blender.exe file within the main blender folder.

So it appears not to be a script.

First i put it insude the Blender main folder but nothing shows up anywhere, or i might be looking in the wrong places.

Then i tried to double click on the Sculpt.exe file to run it and then i got an error message on my Win XP screen saying cannot find libpng.dll. I then installed this dll on the system then on the next run it asked for zlib.dll, i really think i am doing something wrong maybe.

I do have the GTK enviroment loaded on my machine for Gimp and also Python 2.4.3.

Please can anyone help me get this file to run.

many thanks


go to forums and download the newest sculpt mode build


You could look at this thread as well: