How to use the Uv/Image editor for touching up video??

How do I use the image editor to paint on stuff animatied that I have worked on in the compositor? Or the other way around?

is there a way? To paint out wires etc? Just curious?

no, i don’t think you can. You can only use the image editor to paint textures.

each frame in the animation is usually a separate image file. compositing nodes modify the images; pressing the anim button runs the originals thru and resaves them with the result of nodeling. SO, once they are resaved, you can edit them using the UV editor, or Gimp, or whatever.
You mentioned wires - do you mean painting out wires for like suspension cables? If so, that is usually done by making the wires alpha and overlaying the image on top of a matte where the matte image is the same background as what the actor was in front of (or if actor was in front of a green, then chroma out the green and the wires, and alpha overlay ontop of the matte).

alot of times you run the footage thru a node map doing something, like color correction, saving them. Then run that thru another doing DOF. Just specify the next set of images as input.

btw, I just found a setting on the Image input node to use the UV Viewer as input. You can route the UV into the composition map and do all sort of stuff with it using the nodes. coolness.