how to use this : map to ->amb

use a texture for the material
if we select color we can see the texture show it,s effect in the material.
but when i choose amb button ,can see nothing.
maybe i have miss some steps,
what is the correct procedure to use this efect.


Amb influences the amount of Ambient light the material receives. (ha ha, I only typed one word, the first one. The rest was quoted from the wiki.)

I actually have no idea how it works… might be intertwined with nodes. Who knows… but I do know that when the word is highlighted yellow like in your image that means negative. So if you want to see a result maybe try making it white. But I couldn’t get anything to work. The wiki might help.

thanks the answer
the wiki
Amb (+/-/off) Influences the amount of Ambient light the material receives

still no idea how to make it work,

please upload a scene file