How to use this map

Hi,I am making a new scene.My texture are all from I am downloading the texture,I saw this map
TexturesCom_Scifi_Panel8_512_emissive.tif (37.7 KB)
My question is,how to use this map on principled shader?

Simple answer? You can’t, for things like emission, the principled shader won’t work, so you would tend to mix the two together based on some mask, or an alpha channel, or even one of the colour channels in an image. In this particular case, I’d say create a black and white viersion of the image externally, or run it through a colorramp to get something and use this as a mix.

EDIT: You can either use mix in this case, or an add as the background of the emission is black, so has no effect anywhere it is black. The node tree shows both options, using the output of the ‘mix’ instead, you can use the position of the keys in the colorramp to adjust how much of the emission map is used as you can alter which part of the image is selected.
Emission_test01.blend (1.7 MB)