How to use Virtual Light????

(gundamf91) #1

can someone kindly make a step by step on how to use Virtual Light?? some of you said there’s an export plugin for blender but i couldn’t find it on the virtuallight home page and i tried reading the user manual but its too overwhelming :frowning:

hope you guys can kindly help
sorry i don’t have anything to show but i was thinking this question should be asked here since u guys are talking about virtual light


(Guinness) #2

After installing VirtualLight you will find the export script in the VirtualLight/bin directory (

(gundamf91) #3

i found that py file and what’s next???

(dotblend) #4

i will try in the next couple of days to make a beginners tutorial on VL, i will try to cover rendering, shaders and radiosity…

(gundamf91) #5

thank you dotblend

(Condorcet) #6

If you read the documentation closely and carefully you ought to be able to figure out at least the basics of VL. It’s pretty easy to use–easier than Lightflow, in my opinion.

You use the export script just like you’d use any python script in blender… open it in blender, alter the save path variables for your system, and hit alt p.

(dotblend) #7

and after that… there is a lot more to do!

(gundamf91) #8

arr the thing is i don’t know how to use python, i dont’ know how to call the script from blender or whatever…

(LohnS) #9

i’m so confused :-?

(dotblend) #10

yay here it is!

(LohnS) #11


thanx you dotblend =D

(gundamf91) #12

oh man i think i’m just dumb…can’t get it working, bunch of erros after i pressed alt p on the text side. but thank you for the tutorial i will bookmark it and reread it after my exams are done

(BgDM) #13

dotblend: Thankls for the tute. Helped me immensely! Now I just need to learn how to use the rest of it.