How to use Vray Blender IES Lighting

Dear All,

I am having problems with using IES lighting in VrayBlender. It is stated in the Chaos Group website that IES lighting is supported in Vray Blender:

Here are the steps I took (started with a brand new scene, with all default settings):

  1. Add a “Spot” object

  2. Go to the settings panel for the light and select “IES” under the “shape” menu

  3. Load the IES file for the light

  4. Render the image with Vray

All I get is a black screen without any light. I have tried to download many different IES files from different manufacturers but to no avail.

Please help!

Thank you very much!

Okay guys, I think i solved the problem, the Intensity values have to be cranked up in the ranges of 5000 to 10000…

One problem though, I can’t get the light source itself to be shown? I notice that under the “lamp” section there is a checkbox called “invisible” which I did not check. Checking it or not does not make a difference to my render, the light source itself is not shown…

Anyone has any idea how to make the light source show up?

Spot lights can never be seen directly, since it has no ‘size’, like the point light. That said, you can always model the shape you want to fake a light source.

If you really want the actual light to be visible, you can use areas lights, or geometries with lightMtl as light sources (no IES for them though…)

The ‘invisible’ checkbox really shouldn’t be there… It’s supposed to be on the area light only.

Oh okay, so I’ll have to use a vraylightmtl for the fake light source then? I guess the ‘invisible’ option confused me quite a bit… The problem now is, what intensity should the fake light source be at?

Should I use a vraylightmtl or another ‘spot’ or ‘point’ light to create the fake light? I need the image to be photorealistic…