How to use wacom intuos draw?

(LiquidHelix) #1

I am going to get a Wacom Intuos Draw for a present. Only problem is that it is pen-only, no multitouch, so out of your experience, how would you configure such a tablet to work with Blender and paint programs? I am assuming that I can use the pen to touch the scroll bars and zoom bar for paint programs, but how would I use Blender?

(pachupp) #2

I would turn touch off. Blender is keyboard oriented so you do not need any touch features.

(Razorblade) #3

the pen has 2 buttons, besides the plate has 6 buttons, and something in the middle kinda scroll wheel.

But to be true, i usually use a mouse AND a wacom.
So to click and select i just keep using my mouse in all the programs i use.
But when i need to draw /sculpt/ retouch photos etc, then i use the wacom.

(LiquidHelix) #4

Touch is already off, in fact, there is no touch. I am wondering how to navigate inside Blender, besides the pen can be used as a mouse technically if I need to press any buttons. Correct me if I am wrong.

The Wacom Intuos Draw has 4 buttons, to be clear.
So is it possible to configure the pen’s button to MMB?

(pachupp) #5

There is option to emulate third mouse button. To navigate you have ctrl alt shift and pen combos. Thouse 4 buttons in intuos draw are useless. Instead just leave left hand on keyboard and right on tablet. No need for mouse. And i recommend upper pen button as right mouse button and the lower one for scroll. This can be changed in wacom settings.

(gritche) #6

I configure my pen like a mouse: LMB on the tip, MMB and RMB on the two buttons

(Cancer) #7

Use the keyboard and pen buttons, ignore the buttons on the tablet unless you have some specific idea for them later. Simple.

(Razorblade) #8

Thats strange my Ituos 4 has 6 button on the drawingplate. (perhaps because my model is older then your new one ??)…

BTW there is another thing that’s nice about it, that is pressure sensitivity, so paintbrushes in blender and photoshop can become stronger/lighter. I’m sure you’ll be happy with it, but in the beginning one might wonder why did i spend $$$ for that, but over time its verry handy if your into graphics work a lot.

(SreckoMicic) #9

There were some changes in naming of products. Intuos is now Intuos PRO. And ones called Bamboo are now Intuos Pen or Draw, something like that.

(Cancer) #10

Or they’re talking about the stylus tip, plus 2 side buttons plus eraser. I never found the eraser to be useful if using the keyboard, because it’s just faster to press the ‘e’ key and then press ‘b’ again when your finished than it is to flip the pen around.

(Hadriscus) #11

This. Yes this.

(LiquidHelix) #12

Yep, that’s correct.

(jishou) #13

The Wacom Intuos Draw has 4 buttons, you can pre-programmed to access certain functions and shortcuts.

Most provide the ability to change default options and assign others that may be more relevant to the way you like to work.

I would personally recommend the XP-Pen Deco 03 if it’s available in your region and you’re willing to spend 100 USD because of its like-Intuos Pro comfort.This is my favourite screen-less tablet at the moment because it has the best pen pressure and drawing experience I’ve had so far. I don’t find the advertised red dial very useful and the wireless is “eh”, but if you ignore those side features, the comfort of the pen and the control you have over the pen pressure are absolutely fantastic.