How to use...

Can anyone explain how to use Blender with LightFlow and Yafray?
Assume that i´m really dumb, and tell me exatcly everything. where to get them, how to install etc…

Well, the folks around here are real picky about their forums, (I guess it should be in the Q/A forum…)
But anyway [email protected] has just written an excellent (And to my knowledge first) Yafray tutorial availble here:

For lightflow you will need the lightflow export script, which was on the iptic server that went down. However I have a version that I could e-mail you, if you want/need it. :slight_smile:

Like Xnilator said, that should be in the Questions & Answers forum, so I’m locking that thread.

Don’t take that personnal, it’s just a way to prevent off topic posting to spread everywhere.

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