How to uv-map Lat/Long hdri env map on sphere?

Thx in advance,
been searching this for a while now.

Why do you want to do that?
Most people put it on as an environment texture.

I think i got it uv mapped.

I bought the sky hdr. Top is sky, bottom is pure black. It’s 20k x 10k pix.
Now i want to cut out the black bottom and uv mapp only the half sphere because of memory conserns.

I needed the high res hdr because i used another 3k pix (with) hdr and that generated very blur reflections on reflective surface. Literally the reflection enlarged 500 pix tree in height on hdr to 2500 pix on my render, (very ugly).

Where can i crop hdr? I croped in Luminance HDR but the output was LDR?

Thx Atom.

I was able to crop the HDR in my friends computer that had PS installed.