How to UV Map materials created by nodes.

I have a model in blender that I made, and to create the texture I have some nodes that are linked to a material output. This all appears as expected in rendered mode. For the purpose of my project (Using jMonkeyEngine) I need to UV Map all of my models or else they won’t appear textured in jme. My Question is: does anyone know how to UV map the material created by the node, because when I unwraped my object, in the UV/Image editor there are no textures.

Look up texture baking. The workflow for that depends on the render engine used and what you bake.

Images are images. Textures are textures when they control material properties. An image that is created to control a specific material property is called a texture map, usually the term tells which property it controls (diffuse map, specular map, glossiness map).

An UV map is the coordinates that is used for the placement of a texture on a 3D model. It’s a 2D representation of the 3D points, and both the mesh and UV data go hand in hand. It doesn’t map materials.