How to UV this?

Hello everyone,

guys please i need help, i have no experience with texturing how i need to make the UV of this front piece to make it like this example?

Is ok that is one piece or do i need to separate it?

Thank you so much.

watch any UV mapping tutorial on youtube that uses a simple square-like object as its subject.

Congrats on making it this far and welcome to the crazy world of UV-ing and texturing. The best I can tell you is that it’s complicated, requires a complete way of rethinking about geometry, and you’ll be spending many long hours watching YouTube tutorials and trying to wrap your head around the concept until you have a firm grip on it.

There are some 3rd party add-ons like Zen UV, UV Packmaster and others which might come in handy to streamline some of the process.

If I was tackling this, I would at the very least make the monitor section its own thing. I would also do this in Substance Painter, which would also make my UV unwrapping not as important or clean as it would need to be if I was doing this in a more traditional and procedural way.

If this piece on the right is seperate,then is very easy to do.Just mark a seam at the rear or front corner edge at the ground,and unwrap.
The side parts mark a seam around the edge of the parts and unwarp project from view,done.

As before was suggested,look a blender unwrap tutorial,there are plenty at YT

I come from ZBrush, and recently I found out UV can be fast and fun in Blender.

Your mesh is boxy, the easiest form to unwrap.

For very basic cube form unwrapping, go straight to this bit

When you’re feeling braver, try unwrap menu> Project From View

Good luck!