How to UV unwrap with repeating texture?


I have a problem with baking in blender cycles: I have an interior model and every part of it uses repeating texture (the floor for example uses a 256x256 texture which repeats itself). My aim is to bake the texture so it includes shadows and lighting. As soon as I UV unwrap e.g. the floor, the UV grid only uses the 256x256 texture one(!) time.
I can scale the selection in the UV editor so it looks good on the object editor but this seems to only affect the view. I also tried checking the repeat option, but after baking, the baked texture gets repeated as well (when scaled, only a part of it).

  • before UV unwrapping
  • after UV unwrapping
  • scaling in the UV editor makes the texture look alright in the object viewer but it only bakes the initial smaller area

Hope this seems understandable, I’m relatively new to blender.
Thanks in andvance.

Yeah, what you normally need in this situation is a second UV map with the whole mesh laid out. Naturally, this would need to be a larger resolution.

These may point you in the right direction.