How to view all the materials used in a specific scene or collection?

Hey guys, im looking for a way to get an overview of all the materials that are used in a specific scene, or collection.

So that I literally get a list with names of the materials.

I know I can view the materials that are used in the entire blend file (display mode > blender file > materials)… but im looking for a way to limit that list to just a collection of a scene.

Can this be done?

Don’t Know if this is useful to you, but, go to addons search Material select Material Utilities
Shift+Q in the 3d Viewport…will List all the materials.

Not sure about just collections … nothing to check with just now… But it’s a useful addon anyway.

@RSEhlers Thank you for your reply… it was a decent solution for my problem…but if its any help for any body else… I found a better solution.

Its a free addon called Matalogue (by Greg Zaal), and it shows a list of all materials that are used on an object, scene, or collection (in the shader editor window). So its supereasy to switch and change materials, and see what objects have linked materials.

Hope this helps you too