How to view most recently used tool in bottom left of 3d view?

Hello! I have been following many tutorials trying to learn about Blender but one thing I see many people using is a menu in the bottom left of the 3d View below the History option in the Tool Shelf. It looks like this.

What is this menu called and how do I bring it up? I know that the menu it is showing is the Subdivision/Specials menu and that would be good to know how to bring up as well, but is there an option to see that menu that shows the last used tool and its abilities? Thanks, I can provide more reference shots if needed.

have a look here:

(not really sure if this is what you’re asking for), maybe you’re asking for F6?

Maybe this?

These options will only show when you are doing some kind of operation. You cannot go back to make further changes once you have accepted the operation.

Sometimes this menu can be hidden. If you see a horizontal line real close to the bottom, pull it up.

Or a little ‘plus’ sign, click it.

The little plus button was what I was looking for aha, cheers @Okavango :slight_smile: